A little about me…

A little about me…

  A little about me...

It’s been one year since I went for it and began to consistently share my creative endeavors with you. I appreciate your love and encouragement because I have many times of doubt creep in, yet I continue to blog because I really feel like I am supposed to…

It’s been fun to look over my past year of posts. As someone who thrives on a sense of accomplishment, my blog has been a portfolio of a year of accomplishments (as well as some major flops!). However, I realize though that I haven’t shared much regarding me personally and who I am.

I have always felt the urge to create. As a kid, I remember spending a lot of time coloring and drawing. In college I planned on majoring in art but left my first drawing class feeling completely inadequate and dropped out to pursue business. Before beginning my Junior year, I felt the overwhelming urge to try again, and I graduated with a second major in art & design.

After college, I worked as an art director at a greeting card company. I loved that job and the creative environment.

Almost ten years ago, I had my first son (Bryant). Steve and I felt it was best for our family if I stayed at home (he was working crazy hours at the time, and I had a ridiculously long commute). In the next five years, another son (Benson) and a daughter (Lena) came along. At home with three young children was wonderful and crazy. Needing sanity from caring for young kids, I painted. And I painted. The walls in my home were my canvas. Looking back, I did some really crazy projects with that paint. But it was my peace. My quiet. My creative outlet. The walls could be repainted – and probably have been as new owners now inhabit that house.

Fast forward to now. We moved into a new home a little over a year ago which means I have a blank canvas.  My boys are both in school, and I’m finding more time for the first time in years with only a three year old home. As my purpose continues to evolve, I still feel that all along God created me to create. How that looks specifically has changed through the years, but for now it means I share my creations with you. I hope to inspire you through my trial and error. I hope I can give you the confidence to create.

I’ve met so many people through blogging – both virtually and in person. It’s been such an honor and privilege to get to know you. I am constantly learning and having fun on this journey with you!  If you had told me one year ago that I would be where I am today with the blog, I would have been overjoyed.  You guys are the most encouraging group of readers, and it’s because of you all that I am where I am today!  Thank you!

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  1. Geneva says

    You have a beautiful family and a fabulous talent. I’m a great grand mother and a wanna be talented crafter. You have shown me some wonderful things that I have managed to pull off! Thank you so much! And I love your blog!

    • sincerely, sara d. says

      Geneva, thanks so much for the sweet words! I love to hear others are creating along with me – that’s my goal! You’re the coolest (and most tech savvy) great grandmother I’ve ever met!

  2. Tamara p. @thentheres2.com says

    Just found your site through Pinterest and recently spray painted some bottles from GW for my daughter’s shower..I hope to post soon. I’m still learning all about blogging etc.HUGE learning curve for me!
    PS You have a cute little family! 🙂

    • sincerely, sara d. says

      Hey Tamara! Thanks for the kind comments. I checked out your blog, and I think you’re doing wonderful! I see that you mentioned Bloomington – we lived there for three years. We’re still in Indiana, but we’re on the north side of Indy now. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment, and I wish you all the best with your blog!

  3. TARA JOHNSON says

    I am a disable wounded warrior, and I am not able to make these; can you please make 4 of these, (or at least 2)? Please tell me your price and I will pay. PLEASE!

    Tara Johnson


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