Adding Stripes to a Wall

Adding stripes to a wall is a fun way to add interest to a space.

I am really close to revealing my living room and my boys’ room.  But before I do, I am going to show you a little striped sneak peak!

Horizontal stripes are fun and can work in many different spaces.

From my formally casual (does that even make sense?!) living room:

Adding stripes to a wall

To my playful boys’ room:


Stripes are much easier than they appear.  The set up is the most time consuming part, and it does require a little math to make your striped pattern work out correctly.  I ended up doing 10 inch stripes.  I used a ruler and started from the ceiling.  I just marked off 10 inches as I ran the length of the wall.


Then, I connected the marks (using a level) to make a straight line.


Next, I taped over my line.

*Important tip: Use Frog tape.  It’s so worth the extra money!  It helps keep your lines much crisper without the paint seepage.


Finally, paint the lines.  I marked the sections I wanted to paint with a large “x”.  It can get confusing!




Now for a much better tutorial, check out Angela’s stripe painting tutorial at Unexpected Elegance.  I wish I had read her tutorial before I did my stripes.  The laser level idea is genius.


The great things with painted stripes is that it is just paint.  When you grow tired of them, you can just repaint the wall.  Keep in mind you may have to sand some before you repaint, but it is much easier that removing wallpaper!

To see more on the boys’ room, click HERE.


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