Another Spray Paint Makeover

Tips for growing Fiddle Leaf Fig

I recently bought a fiddle leaf fig and needed a pot for it.  I looked all over and couldn’t find what I was looking for.  

Then I found this pot at HomeGoods on clearance:

Plant pot before paint

It was the perfect shape, but it didn’t fit my decor.

Makeover Accessories with Spray Paint

So, I spray painted it!

Spray Painting Tips

I painted the pot black and the legs gold.  Don’t overlook inexpensive pieces with great shapes.  

A few years ago, I shared how I wanted some white dishes to decorate my hutch.  New pieces were really expensive, so I DIYed my own using thrift store finds (click HERE for more):


Growing Fiddle Leaf Fig

Make sure you don’t paint something something of value, but spray paint gives a new life to inexpensive thrift store and clearance items!


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  1. Years ago I spray painted a solid brass lamp with spray paint and instantly loved the look! My Hubby came home and said, you realize that was solid brass, right? A Stiffel? Yep, I said. And now it looks great in our living room! Still a great lamp, but I don’t have to polish it and it fits right in. I love these spray painting projects! Your pot looks very chic!

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