Turn a Headboard into a Bench

Turn a headboard into a bench!

Last summer, I got a little addicted to the local Facebook marketplace.  I especially loved the furniture category, and this was one of my purchases:

Turn a Headboard into a Bench

I thought the headboard detail was so pretty, and I bought it not knowing exactly what I would do with it.  After some time, I decided it would make the cutest little bench for our home.


It was a really easy project (mainly because my dad did it for me). He took the bed rails and cut them down to the width I wanted the bench. Then, he used the extra bed rail wood to make the seat of the bench. We were short a little wood, so we added one more piece to keep the bench sturdy.

(See my cute assistant walking around in the background? She’s also known as “mom”.)

I painted the bench with chalk paint.


We added a tho board across the top of the the bench.  I bought the thickest foam I could find (from Hobby Lobby), and we cut it down to make the padded seat. My mom helped me cover the foam with fabric, and we used staples to secure the fabric.






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