Wall Sconce Update & Mod Podge Candlesticks

While I was painting the faucet in my bathroom (to see more about painting the faucet and the paint I used, click HERE), I decided to paint my wall sconces.  And while I was painting, I thought I may as well throw a little mod podge project in there as well…


I found this wrapping paper in my stash and thought it would look fun wrapped around the candlesticks…


I love Mod Podge.  And it works great to adhere paper to various surfaces.


To begin, I took the candlesticks (sorry, I don’t know what else to call them!) off the sconces and measured them.  Well, sort of.  I measured the entire piece, but you need to only measure up to where the cap ends.  (That little piece that goes on the top – well, I forgot about it, and I couldn’t get my cap back on.  So learn from my mistake, only measure up to the end of the cap.)


Here’s what I mean by the “cap”:


Measure the length of the candlestick (minus the cap) and cut the paper.  This is the length of your paper.

Then wrap the paper around the roll and cut the paper so it just barely overlaps the candlestick.  This is the width of your paper.


I cut two pieces since I have two sconces.


Mod Podge the back of the paper.


Then wrap it around the candlestick.  Modge podge over the entire piece of paper.


Hopefully you left room for the cap – unlike my picture – so you can put it all back together.  (After it dries.)


And now you have a fun and one-of-a kind candlestick for your wall sconce! You could also do this to the candlesticks in a hanging candelabra or chandelier.

sincerely, sara d.

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