DIY Laundry Room Makeover

With three kids and all the time I spend in my laundry room, I decided it was time for a laundry room makeover. Below is a before photo of my laundry room.  Between the green cabinets and lack of natural light, it was a dark space. And here is the brighter (and much […]

The Indianapolis Home Show

Oh, guys!  I had a crazy, exciting, stressful, fun, and exhausting couple of days!  I am naturally more introverted (blogging is great because I can sit behind the screen), and I do not love to be the center of attention in any way.  However, over the past few days I conquered […]

Let’s Meet at the Indianapolis Home Show!

Let’s Meet at the Indianapolis Home Show! I am speaking at the Indianapolis Home Show later this month!  If you’re local, I’d love for you join me on Monday, January 25th (at 2pm and 4pm) or Tuesday, January 26th (at 2pm and 5pm).   If you buy your tickets now, you can get […]

Blogger Spotlight: Harlow & Thistle

Blogger Spotlight: Harlow & Thistle   I’ve just recently starting spending more time on Instagram, and it’s full of a great community of people.  I find that generally people are very encouraging, and Instagram is where Andrea from Harlow & Thistle and I “met”.  Andrea is from Toronto, and she […]

Everything But The House

       Are you familiar with Everything But the House (EBTH)?  I discovered them earlier this year and have been obsessed with their site ever since.       EBTH describes themselves as “estate sales reinvented.”  They are an online estate sale which means you can shop locally or nationally. […]

Reader Spotlight: Kristi’s DIY Shoe Cubby

A few years ago, I found an old mail sorter at a local antique shop.  Since then I have used it to store my kids’ shoes in our mudroom area.  (To see more, click HERE.)   Recently a reader contacted me with a photo of a DIY shoe cubby that was […]

“For Real Friday” Returns

This is a photo I shared earlier this year on my home tour.  (photo credit: Carpenter Photography and Design)  Look at my boys reading together in their perfect room… I know Pinterest (and blogs, magazines and television) fill your head with beautiful images of perfect spaces.  And although my boys’ room still […]

(First Ever) Monday’s Must-Haves

(First Ever) Monday’s Must-Haves   Hey there!  I am not promising I will do this every Monday, but I thought it would be fun to occasionally share my must-haves with you.  It may be something I have had for years or something I just recently stumbled upon. Today my must-haves […]

House Hijack: Sophie’s Room

House Hijack: Sophie’s Room    Do you remember that coral furniture I painted for a friend’s daughter earlier this year?  (To see more, you can click HERE.) Well, it is now in its new home in Sophie’s room.  I was so incredibly impressed with this 10-year-old’s design aesthetic.  She is […]

Bulky Storage Ideas

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  Here in Indiana, we’ve already experience winter-like weather.  And once the weather gets colder, Steve and I always find ourselves organizing the garage for the winter.  Remember the Sports Equipment organizer I posted earlier this year? (Click HERE or on the photo below to see more!)  We found that […]