The Indianapolis Home Show

Oh, guys!  I had a crazy, exciting, stressful, fun, and exhausting couple of days!  I am naturally more introverted (blogging is great because I can sit behind the screen), and I do not love to be the center of attention in any way.  However, over the past few days I conquered […]

Painting Furniture with Milk Paint

Today we’re continuing our Painting Furniture Tutorial Series with milk paint! I have a love/hate relationship with milk paint.   I love it for the fact that it does not require any prep work, and it is a paint with beautiful dimension.  Also, if you paint raw wood, milk paint […]

Painting Furniture with Chalk-Type Paint

If you take a look around my blog, you’ll quickly realize I am a huge fan of any type of chalk-type paint (or miracle paint as I lovingly call it). Chalk-type paint eliminates the prep work and doesn’t require stripping, sanding or priming!  It adheres to almost any surface, dries […]

Painting Furniture Tutorial Series

I’m celebrating the release of my new eBook with a Painting Furniture Tutorial Series!  I won’t go as in depth as I do in my book, but I will provide you with the basic steps to painting a piece using different paint types. I am providing tutorials for five different types […]

My Painting Furniture eBook is here!

Hello friends! To celebrate my birthday (I’m celebrating my 29th birthday for the ninth year in a row), I am releasing my first eBook, Painting Furniture! You can gain the confidence and knowledge you need to paint furniture with easy-to-follow paint tutorials.  In the book, I talk about five different […]

Let’s Meet at the Indianapolis Home Show!

I am speaking at the Indianapolis Home Show later this month!  If you’re local, I’d love for you join me on Monday, January 25th (at 2pm and 4pm) or Tuesday, January 26th (at 2pm and 5pm).   If you buy your tickets now, you can get $4 off with my code: SARA  Click HERE […]

Amy Howard One Step Paint Tutorial

About a month ago, I bought a bench at an auction. I bought it because I saw would it could be, and it had beautiful bones.  I knew I could fix the dark brown (cracked and peeling) faux leather cushion and the (chipping) finish. This post contains some affiliate links for your […]

HomeRight Finish Max Paint Sprayer Tutorial

For someone who loves painting as much as I do, would you believe I have never used a paint sprayer? I was recently gifted a HomeRight Finish Max sprayer, and I can honestly say that it’s a total game changer.   I tested it on on a simple chair, and it […]

Stenciling Lena’s Bathroom & a Giveaway

You guys know by now that I am a HUGE stencil fan.  (But I’m not talking about the ones you remember from the 80’s – I’m talking about all the amazing UPDATED stencils.) The stencils now are beautiful, and they look like wallpaper.   I am obsessed with wallpaper, but (as I’ve […]

BEHR Whisper White Bathroom Makeover

  I love decorating bathrooms because they are spaces where you can have a little more fun and test creative limits.  I use color throughout our home and have never painted a space white.  However, I wanted to makeover my daughter’s bathroom, and I was ready to try something new.  White would […]

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