(More) Painted Stripes – The Boys’ Room

I mentioned in a previous post that I painted stripes in my boys’ room, and you can read more about how to do it HERE. I made the pennant banner out of fabric glued to (red) foam, and I used curtain panel clips to attach them to the rope.  You […]

Painted Wall Treatment: Mixing Patterns

I love the look of wallpaper, but (as I’ve mentioned before) I have commitment issues.  So, painted wall treatments are the perfect solution.  When I get tired of my wall designs, I just repaint!   I am naturally drawn to ornate scrolls and more feminine designs, but I realize I […]

Adding Stripes

I am really close to revealing my living room and my boys’ room.  But, before I do, I’m going to show you a little {striped} sneak peak! Horizontal stripes are fun and can work in many different spaces. From my formally casual (does that even make sense?!) living room: To […]

Painting Cabinets with Chalk Paint

 Last year, I painted my bathroom cabinets, and it was a REALLY long process. I did it the “traditional” way, and you can take a look at that post HERE. However, considering my kitchen has (what feels like) a thousand more doors, I knew that process may not be the […]

Chalkboard Fridge

We are not big fans of the fridge that came with our house.  It’s old, glossy black and just hard to maneuver.  It opens towards the cabinets, and not only are you squashed, but you have to be on your knees to rummage through the fridge.  However, my husband and […]

What a Difference a Little Coat of {spray} Paint Can Make

I fell in love with our dining room set in a little antique shop. Unfortunately it was 250 miles away. But, my amazing parents loaded up a trailer (and their two “cars” – a truck and a SUV) and brought the set to us. The chairs have some amazing detail, […]

DIY {faux} Wallpaper – a painted wall treatment

As I said in my dining room reveal, I wanted the look of wallpaper without the cost or commitment.  So, here is my solution.  AND, I promise you can recreate the look!  It doesn’t have to be floral – there are so many options! First, you need to decide what […]

painting a piano

I painted a piano this week. We’ve been talking about getting a piano for a little while since our oldest son is going to start lessons this fall. While on Facebook a couple weeks ago, I ran across someone selling an upright for $50. I was excited because it obviously […]

(mirror) chalk paint tutorial

I’ve done a chalk paint tutorial in the past, but I thought it may be helpful to do a more detailed one.  I love to garage sale shop, and I found this mirror at a sale recently for $30. (?!!) It’s hard to tell in the pictures, but it’s HUGE! […]

painting bathroom cabinets

We have HUGE news in the Davis home…my husband said he was “fine” with me painting the kitchen cabinets! After confirming that I wasn’t dreaming, I immediately got ready to paint! However, I know painting kitchen cabinets is an enormous undertaking. I’ve heard horror stories from people who have done […]

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