Design Mom Feature

Design Mom Feature

My blog was recently featured on Design Mom.  Design mom is a blog created by Gabrielle, and it is full of great home decor inspiration and lots of various home tours.

Design Mom Feature

Design Mom is where you will find the intersection of motherhood and design.  From DIY projects and home tours, to book reviews, family-friendly travel, and discussions about modern parenting, Gabrielle does it all in her amazing blog.

Gabrielle at Design Mom has a series called Living with Kids.  In this series, she does a home tour and interviews a mom.  And guess what?!  I was that mom this week!  I’m incredibly honored and excited to be featured on Design Mom and would love for you to check it out HERE.

The interview took us three rounds to get where Gabrielle felt we needed to be.  (Apparently I have a hard time talking about myself.  I just wanted to talk about my DIY projects, but Gabrielle was searching for me.)  It almost felt a little like a therapy session, and if you ever wanted to know way too much about me…well, here’s your chance!

Thanks so much to Gabrielle for the feature!



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