DIY {faux} Wallpaper – a painted wall treatment

As I said in my dining room reveal, I wanted the look of wallpaper without the cost or commitment.  So, here is my solution.  AND, I promise you can recreate the look!  It doesn’t have to be floral – there are so many options!


First, you need to decide what pattern/design you want.  I used vinyl decals to create the look.  However, I painted over the decal and removed it so appears to be hand painted.  I found my vinyl decals on Etsy.  Unfortunately the store (VinylLettering) I bought the decals from no longer sells this pattern.  It came with birds, but I just used the flowers and leaves:


All the pieces were separate, so I was able to place the flowers and leaves wherever I wanted on the wall.  There’s no rhyme or reason to my pattern – I just tried to make sure it was visually balanced.  Also, when you order the decal, keep in mind that the color does not matter.  At all.

Here’s how my wall looked before I started:


I went ahead and used the existing cream color as my base.



The vinyl decal make for a pretty colorful wall (kind of a country granny look, isn’t it?!)…



The store you buy the vinyl decals from will give you directions for how to apply them.  Once you get the hang of it, the process goes pretty quickly.



No, on to the fun part!  It’s time to PAINT!  Just paint the wall like the decals aren’t there.  Trim out the wall and roll the rest.



Once the wall is dry, you can start removing the decals.  I used my fingernail to get the sticker started and just pulled.  It was fun to watch the wall unfold…



I did have some bleeding occur around the edges of my decals, and it’s not the perfect line I had envisioned.  However, as a whole, you really don’t notice the small imperfections.

Dining Room

Dining Room

Go get creative and design your own faux wallpaper!  It is MUCH easier than you think!

sincerely, sara d.

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***UPDATED 2/24/14 – As fun as this wall was, I grew a little tired of it’s boldness.  So, I white washed it – well, actually I grey washed it.  I took some paint, watered it down and brushed over the entire wall.  I then used a rag to clean up and remove any extra.  Here’s the toned down wall:





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