Unique DIY Hanging Frames

Unique DIY Hanging Frames

I don’t know where some of my ideas come from, and this DIY hanging frame was a crazy idea that eventually became a win (although it took several fails to get there)!

We recently added bookshelves (and a library ladder) to our home office.  I wasn’t sure what to do with the top shelf, and I spent weeks trying to come up with idea.  One day I magically came up with this idea for hanging frames.

As you can see the photo, it all worked out in the end (and I do love them).  However, it was a journey to get there.

I purchased three swivel eye pulleys and three safety cup hooks from the hardware store.

I spray painted the hardware black.  While I waited for the paint to dry on the pulleys and hooks, I drilled holes in the top of the bookshelves.  My center piece had to go through a support piece which required a deeper hole so that all three frames hung evenly.

Gluing the pullies on the frames is what caused me so much anxiety.  At first I tried this FiberFix Extreme Glue.  However, my pulleys kept coming off the frames.  I tried over and over without any luck.

I went rummaging through my glue stockpile and found another glue – E6000.  It is an industrial strength adhesive that I had purchased for gluing mirrors onto a dresser.

I added more glue than suggested, and after allowing them to sit for 24 hours the pulleys stayed put on the frames.

Once I hung the pulleys on the hooks, I had to fold a small piece of cardboard under each frame to prevent them from turning.

However, I had the hanging frames I had envisioned!

What are some of your DIY disasters?  I’d love to hear them!


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    • sincerely, sara d. says

      Hi Gina! I have heard Windex can do almost anything, but I’ve never heard of it as a paint removal aid. I’m so sorry you spent all that time painting the back of those bookshelves only to have it flop. However, I’m so impressed you were able to scrape it all off! Thanks for sharing!

  1. Ann C says

    I painted some bookcases that I had cleaned and lightly sanded. The paint ran, I had been diligent about light layers but it didn’t seem to matter. I was so frustrated I filled them with books and said, only I know! Til now….

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