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I like when things are clean.  

But when things can be clean AND cleaned with a non-toxic product, it is a win-win in my book.

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I recently had the opportunity to test ecover Liquid Dishsoap in Pink Geranium.  Not only did it give me spot-free, sparkling clean dishes, but ecover is made with naturally derived ingredients (it is people, pet and planet-friendly).

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One squeeze is all you need for a sink full of dirty dishes.  And that one squeeze gives you a sink full of bubbles – which is important to me.  I want lots and lots of bubbles.  

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ecover Dish Soap has a soft, pretty scent and is gentle on your skin!  It almost makes doing dishes (a little) fun!  Want to try it for yourself?  Shop Now and see all the great products ecover offers!

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I am pretty minimal when it comes to what I put on my kitchen counter.  I love the look of vintage bottles and labels, so I decided to recreate that look for my new dish soap.  This may be one of the easiest DIYs ever, and you can also recreate this vintage dish soap dispenser with my free printable (a super easy tutorial)! 

Here’s a close up on the label:


Do you think I won’t find anymore dirty dishes sitting in the sink anymore? A girl can dream, right?!


You can download your own PDF of the dish soap label file HERE -> Dish Soap Label

The bottle is an inexpensive dispenser I found online.  You may have a old soap dispenser just sitting around that could work for this project.

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I spray painted the pump gold because I have to paint something in every DIY project (and I love the gold with the amber glass).  I just added a bag around the part of the pump I didn’t want painted.  I also spray painted the pump in a shoe box.  It is easy and mess-free (but make sure you paint outside)!

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I printed out a label and used spray adhesive to place it around the bottle.  If you are concerned about getting the label wet, you can put packing tape over the label to protect it from water.

Adding-a-label-to-glass (1 of 1)-2

And it really is that easy to create a “vintage” dish soap dispenser that is pretty enough to sit out all the time (and maybe encourage dish-washing)!

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ecover dish soap also comes in lime zest as well as a fragrance-free option.  They also offer all kinds of household products for your cleaning needs!  Click here to Learn More!

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