Fall Renovation Challenge with Jeffrey Court

I am excited to announce I am participating in the Fall Renovation Challenge with Jeffrey Court and 11 other designers. We have 6 weeks (although our fall break fell during the challenge so I actually only had 5 weeks) to renovate our spaces. I’m crossing my fingers for bonus points for finishing early…

We are all competing for a chance to win our dream vacation (which is what motivates me to keep going despite the bags under my eyes and grout under my nails).

I am remodeling my daughter’s bathroom that she shares with the guest room. The space is very 90’s and bland. Thanks to Jeffrey Court I am making the bathroom a space which reflects my daughter’s fun personality (and one I won’t be embarrassed to share with our guests).


If you aren’t familiar with Jeffrey Court, they have large selection of gorgeous tile.  I spent a lot of time considering what tile to use, and I ultimately landed on what I considerate be elegant and timeless. I have removed WAY too much tile and know how difficult and messy the demo process is, so I selected tile I would love for years to come.  Here are my picks:

I have major commitment issues when it comes to design, so I wanted to select a wall tile that I would love for a long time. I chose the classic subway tile, but I changed things up and had fun with the pattern.

The white octagon tile for the floor is such a classic look, and I was in love with it at first sight.  Now, I do love color, so I will add color using much more temporary ways.

The renovation challenge officially begins next week, and I’m excited to share the journey with you!

More to come,


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This post is sponsored by Jeffrey Court and RYOBI.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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