Favorite IKEA Finds

Favorite Ikea Finds

Last week, I spent the day at IKEA with a friend.  The nearest IKEA is two hours away, so it’s a pretty big deal to go.  (Like you can’t sleep the night before because you’re so excited big deal.)

Although I found many more steals, I’m sharing my four favorite finds from our IKEA shopping trip.  The great thing about these items is that they work well in most decor situations/styles AND they are affordable!



I bought the floor version of this lamp, and I am IN LOVE.  As if the white and gold combo isn’t enough, it has a black & white cord.

Ikea Lamp detail

Ikea Lamp

Ikea Lamp Closeup

I really could stare at this lamp all day.  It’s just so pretty.

Socker Greenhouse


I have been admiring much more expensive versions of this greenhouse, and at $20, it’s a steal!

Plants in Ikea Greenhouse

Ikea Greenhouse

Ikea White Greenhouse

I bought two fake plants from IKEA and the middle plant is a real aloe plant.  

Rens Sheepskin


I keep buying these sheepskins because I keep finding that every room needs one!  The add a little texture and a little glam to your space.

Sheep Skin


You can throw these over the back of a chair or lay across a bench.  The options are endless!

Eivor Throw


IKEA has sold this throw for a while, but there’s a reason it’s so well loved.  Who doesn’t love the black and white combo?  I have it in our playroom, but it really could work anywhere!

Ikea Blanket

Striped Ikea Blanket

This throw is sophisticated while still being fun.  

Ranging from $20 – $60, these items are an affordable way to add style and fun to your home.  If you don’t have an IKEA nearby, IKEA sells many items online.

* I was not sponsored by IKEA for this post.  I really just love a good deal (or four), and I just had to share these!


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  1. Erica says

    Is the lamp $40 for both the door version and the desk version? Or is there a price difference? Thanks for this great list!

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