(First Ever) For Real Friday

(First Ever) For Real Friday

I went into the boys room today and had to laugh when I saw what they had done to their nightstand.  I JUST had a photo shoot in their room earlier this week (to see more about their barn door headboards click HERE).  It was organized and clean with just a few books in each soda crate.

A few days later…

(First Ever) For Real Friday

I had to share because I know it’s so easy to compare our homes to what we see on Pinterest and blogs and magazines.  While preparing for my blog posts, I spend a lot of time taking photos and editing what goes in and out of photos.  I spend even more time brightening and cropping my photos.  It is NOT real life.

So, I have decided to share real life shots of my home at the end of every week on “For Real Friday.”  I am sure some will be worse than others, and I realize this one really isn’t that bad.

No one is perfect, and we hold ourselves to such high standards.  It is hard to live in this digital world where we are flooded by perfect families on Facebook and perfect homes on Instagram…


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