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As you probably already know (I have been shouting it from the rooftop), we are currently in the process of remodeling our master bath due to a significant leak under the shower.  We bought the house knowing about the leak (that is a long story in itself), and thought it would be fixed soon after we moved in.  Life happened since we moved in three years ago, and we had to fix and replace part of the roof, replace an air conditioner unit, replace a furnace, replace a house water heater and a pool water heater.   It was one home project after another, and we haven’t been able to use our shower since we bought the house.  Our inspector warned us that the leak was so significant that unless we were okay with falling into our crawl space, we probably shouldn’t use the shower.  Obviously we didn’t go near the shower and are a little more than excited to get this bathroom remodeled!

sincerely-sara-d-bathroom-demo-4 Our master bath was demoed the day after Thanksgiving, and it was just as our inspector had warned us – rotted subfloor AND a rotted support beam.  The remodel was definitely necessary (and we were looking forward to a shower after three years)!


After our bathroom was completely demolished, we were ready to begin construction.  However, our contractor (due to circumstances beyond his control) was not able to come for several weeks.  We covered up the holes with plywood and blocked off the bathroom to keep everyone out and safe.

Keeping my family safe during the remodel is important to me – especially with three kids running around.  Nationwide has a great article on how to stay on top of safety while your house is under construction.  Keeping your family safe while your home is being remodeled involves two tactics:

  • Choosing a contractor with a strong record of safety and accountability.

We were extremely particular on the selection of our contractor and looked beyond the lowest bid.  We wanted someone who was not only reliable, but would look out for the needs of our family.

  • Working closely with that contractor to ensure proper safety precautions are taken during the project.

Our contractor will do what is best for our family in regards to drawing a safety zone around our bathroom remodel project.  Having three kids, proper safety precautions are a must for our family.  We are lucky that our bathroom is not in any of our normal traffic patterns.  The master bathroom sits off of the master bedroom, so there is no reason for our kids to be in the construction zone.


As exciting as remodeling is, it is just as stressful.  Validating credentials when deciding on a contractor, and once selected, collaborating on safety can make the project run much more smoothly (and safely) for all.

We have taught our kids to respect the construction zone to help insure our contractor can make our bathroom design a reality.

Visit Nationwide to see more details and information regarding Home Remodeling Safety Considerations.


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