How to Hang Wall Lamps without Hiring an Electrician

Wall lamps (or sconces) are everywhere in decor right now.  Have you ever wondered how to hang wall lamps without hiring an electrician?  I’m going to share how EASY it is to add wall lamps to your home – in a matter of minutes!

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Supplies needed for installing wall lamps:

I always begin by installing my lamp first.  Follow the instructions provided with the lamp, and they are very easy to install.  Most of the time they involve 4 screws (which are easy to put into the wall with a cordless drill).  If you don’t hit a stud, it is helpful to use wall anchors (which usually come with the lamp).  You will be pulling on the lamp to turn it on and off, and you don’t want to risk the lamp falling off the wall!

Once the lamp is installed, you use a cord cover to hide the plug cord.  The cord covers typically pull open so you can place the cord inside.  There is an adhesive back.  Just place that directly on your wall (and don’t forget to use a level to make sure it is straight).

Once the cord cover is up, you paint the cover!  I have found that a brush works best and a few coats of paint will have the cover blend in to your wall!

See how easy that is?!  You will begin adding them all over your home after you discover how inexpensively you can install the lights!

I added some into my living room:

And my boys use their lamps every night to read.

Check out this post from Dwell Well Studio on wall lamps under $100 (and most of them are under $100 for the pair)!


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  1. Tammy says

    I have some wall lamps I have been wanting to hang. The only thing holding me back was not knowing how to hide those pesky cords. I didn’t know the types of covers you show even existed. Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. Antonia carter says

    Hi Sara. Thank you for these tutorials. Very nice job!!

    I have a couple rooms that I would like to do the wall lamp idea! One room is the dining room but it already has chair rail across the entire wall! Any ideas as to how I can still complete this project in that room?

  3. Mandy Verduin says

    Hi Sara! This is brilliant! In your living room, did the lights happen to be directly over outlets? Or did you have to do some maneuvering at the bottom of the wall to plug them in? If so, did you also put covers over that part?


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