How to Make a Beautiful Bed

How to Make a Beautiful Bed

Our bedroom is on the main floor, so its visibility alone motivates me to make it every morning. It just takes a minute or two, and there is something so nice about climbing into a made bed every night. I am going to share my formula for making our bed and encourage you to make a habit of it (watch this video from a Navy Seal Admiral as he shares reasons why to make your bed everyday – it’s SO good)!

Here’s my formula for making a pretty bed:

  • Duvet (I prefer white – mine is from Boll & Branch)
  • Shams (2)
  • Large Square Pillows (3)
  • Small Square Pillows (3)
  • Throw blanket (1 or 2)

To begin, remove pillows and pull back sheets and duvet/comforter. Pull fitted sheet tight.

Pull of sheet and duvet/comforter near top end of bed being away of even sides and leaving enough of the duvet/comforter to cover the end of the bed. I leave a few inches, but you can bring them all the way to the top if wanted. Fold back duvet/comforter (you can also fold back sheet as well).

I like to tuck in the sides of my duvet, but this is preference and works well with my footboard.

I add my pillows/shams, and then a row of three square pillows. I complete with another (smaller) row of three square pillows.

I like to keep an additional blanket at the end of my bed mainly for looks, but I use it on during those rare times where I lay down on the bed during the day and don’t want to crawl under the sheets.

Making your bed gives you a sense of accomplishment first thing in the morning and you will love crawling into it at night!

Here are the sources for my bed:

If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed (quote from the video I linked to at the beginning of this post)!

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