Kitchen Cabinet Color


One of the most asked questions from my readers is the color of our kitchen cabinets.

Our cabinets were RTA (ready-to-assemble) cabinets (read more on the cabinets HERE), and they came in this “light gray” color.  However, they do have a greenish undertone.  At first I wasn’t quite sure if I liked the undertone, but I really have grown to love it  (and I appreciate all the confirmation from readers wanting to know the color).

Kitchen Cabinet Color

I went to Home Depot and had a cabinet door color-matched for two reasons: I promised several readers I would have the cabinets color-matched, and I also wanted to paint the underside of the upper cabinets (they were a brownish-color, and it bothered me that they weren’t the gray).

Here’s the secret formula for the color:

BEHR Premium Plus Ultra Paint: Interior Semi-Gloss Enamel in Ultra Pure White 3750 (I purchased a quart size).

  • BASE: 3750
  • CLRNT: 384th
  • DL: 126
  • FL: 56
  • RUL: 6

I wish it was as easy as sharing a paint color, but unfortunately it’s just a bunch of numbers.  However, if you go to Home Depot armed with this information, you can have the same color as these kitchen cabinets!

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