Mailbox Update

I updated my mailbox using paint and vinyl numbers.


I got so excited to “fix” our mailbox, that I forgot to take a before picture.  Basically the mailbox was in great condition, but it had old numbers that had seen better days.  They were the sticker numbers with a white background.  And they looked something like this (only they weren’t this straight).


First, I spray painted (with white paint) the section of the mailbox where the numbers were going.


After it was good and dry (I should have waited longer, but I was worried the HOA would come after me for painting my mailbox white).  I added the *vinyl numbers and painted the entire mailbox black.

*Vinyl does will not last forever outdoors.  It will eventually peel – especially in the hot sun.  This is why I use the vinyl as stencils.  Paint is much more permanent.




Then, once the black paint dried, I carefully removed the vinyl numbers.


And my mailbox now looks like new!


You can find these vinyl numbers on Etsy.  I bought mine from Its A Sticky Situation.

sincerely, sara d.

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  1. What an awesome way to think outside for use of the vinyl decals! Thank you so much for sharing your purchase with your followers šŸ™‚ The mailbox looks amazing!

    Kara, owner
    It’s a Sticky Situation

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