Master Bath Remodel

I have been dreaming up ideas for our master bath remodel since we moved into our home nearly eighteen months ago.  We have a leak in our shower, so a remodel is necessary.  Unfortunately every time we are almost ready to go for it, something comes up.  Like the furnace we had to buy last month…

However, it is going to happen eventually.  I will continue to research and dream, and when it is time for the remodel, I’ll be ready!

I find that I keep gravitating towards white.  It’s so clean and bright – who doesn’t what that for their bathroom?!


I’m obsessed with pedestal tubs.  I don’t really want a claw foot tub like this image found on Pinterest, but i definitely love the look of the freestanding tubs like this one from Mark Williams Design:


I love the simplicity of the plain, clear shower found on The Refeathered Roost:


I found this image from, and I love it!  It’s a little more modern than what I usually like, but it’s simple and stunning.  Maybe I’m stuck in subway tile mode from my kitchen backsplash, but it’s perfect.


 I love all the white…and then I keep finding myself loving the wood floor tile in bathrooms – like this image from Lark + Linen:


 What does your dream bathroom look like?




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