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I recently updated our master bedroom.


I needed (okay, wanted) something different. My first attempt was to stencil the main wall because I thought it would be easier than painting the entire master bedroom. We have some high places, and the room is just annoying to paint. Unfortunately, I hated the result of the stencil. I tried whitewashing over the stencil, and I made it worse. The color combination was definitely the problem (it was now pink!), and the entire thing needed to go away.


I knew I was tired of the terra cotta colored walls and wanted something a little more relaxing (especially after that stencil of a mess). I went for a soft gray – Valspar’s Woodlawn Colonial Gray.


Once I painted the walls, I needed (of course) to update the pillows. I LOVE pillows. They are jewelry for the house – jewelry that I like to constantly change/update. My husband will occasionally walk through our house and count them. Just to drive me crazy. Or, maybe I’m driving him crazy…

In the before and after picture above, you can also see that I raised the curtain rods to the ceiling. It definitely added some openness and elegance.

I had a mirror above the bed. It was black, and I painted it my classic favorite spray paint color. You can check out my previous post about that color here:

But, it still wasn’t working for me. So, I decided to paint the mirror with chalkboard paint, and I added a pretty verse using chalk.


I recreated a print I sell on Etsy:

And once I went gray, I just had to have this gray girl from Homegoods for my jewelry:


I had an empty frame hanging for a while, and I was trying to find something to put inside. I ran across these old door plates. I think they’re beautiful, but I do need a few more to fill the space.

doorplates frame

There you have it. A master redo which mainly involved paint and pillows and a few other accessories (like my mannequin, and my curtains, and…okay, there were quite a few other things involved). I sold my husband on letting me paint because I said it was “the cheapest way to update a room.” That is, until you start adding in all the other things “needed” by changing the paint color. šŸ™‚

sara d.


  1. I was looking at all your transformations they are great.. I was wondering if I can ask you a question? I have an old bedroom set made from that pressed wood stuff I think they call mdf not sure.. Can I spray paint it ? Do I need to sand ?? I have spray painted a few lamps… I too love the stuff.. Was wondering about the bedroom set it now looks like wood but, its fake a few spots the wood finish is coming off the night stands. Its look yucky….. I wish I knew how to upload or download whatever u call it… I would show u the set… Thanks in advance for your opinion….

    • Hi Judy – thanks so much for stopping by and the comment! I think you should go for it. If wood finish is coming off, paint will only make it look better! You can definitely spray paint it. The key is good spray paint. And what I should suggest is a spray primer or a spray paint with a primer, but I have to admit, I don’t always do that! I spray painted a piece in our bedroom (without primer), and it looks great even after a move! I don’t sand, but I do wipe down my pieces before I paint. Otherwise you will be permanently spraying dust to your piece. Another option would be chalk paint. I’ve done several a lot of pieces (and my cabinets) with this paint. It requires NO prep work and sticks to anything. I have several tutorial on it. You can check out my cabinets here: It’s great. I love Annie Sloan chalk paint, but it can be hard to find since it’s only sold at specialty stores, but I know Home Depot now sells chalk paint online. If you’re not familiar with it, it does have a chalkier/flat finish than spray paint. And, spray paint is easier since it doesn’t require the manual painting and wax finish. I hope I helped!

  2. Can you tell me how to do things like pillows. I love pillows as well and would like to put pictures, initials etc. On them. What do you use for stencils when you do pillows. I would like to use photos of things I have at home and then transfer them. Is it possible.

    Keep up the good work and ideas. Eileen


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