mod podging memories

I discovered “mod podging” (or decopodge) in college.  Maybe we were weird (I prefer to think we were trendsetters), but my friends and I would mod podge whatever we could get our hands on – frames, boxes, photo albums –  you name it.  It was an inexpensive but sentimental gift.  I ran across this beauty the other day…


I made this for my husband, but we were “friends” at the time.  Explains the collage of people in the frame instead of a picture of just us.  It’s pretty cheesy, but it was sweet (I think?) at the time.

I was excited to revisit my mod podging days, and I got this idea off of Pinterest.  Using photos, paint, mod podge and unfinished wooden plaques (found at Hobby Lobby or Michaels for only a few dollars), you can create wall art.



I painted the plaques using three different but similar neutral colors (a beighish, greenish and grayish neutral) and let them dry.  I then distressed them by sanding them and added a light dry brush of another color.  Finally I cut my photos and glued them on with mod podge.

Mod podge is really easy to use – you just brush it on!  After you have the photos glued in place, you can mod podge the entire plaque – just brush right over the photo.  I did a couple layers on each plaque and let it dry.  Mod podge looks white when wet, but it will dry clear and become a shellac.


It’s an inexpensive and unique way to display some of your favorite photos.


sincerely, sara d.


    • sedavis17 says

      Hi Danielle! I traced the shape of the plaque on my photo and then cut inside the shape. It’s much easier on the square photos because you can use a ruler, but the round plaques required a lot of eyeballing. They’re not perfect, but I just pretend like it adds to the charm. 😉

  1. Jenny Much says

    Hi, love your tips, thank you!!!! On the wood plaques, you said you applied three different paints. Not sure I understand well…..You painted the entire wood one color and then covered it again in another? and then another?

    Also, with the chalk paint I am thinking about painting a hutch in chalk paint yellow. I want it to look distressed with a darkness underneath. So I paint it yellow, then clear wax, then sand to see the wood in spots and then dark wax?

    Thank you so much!

    • sedavis17 says

      Hi Jenny! Thanks for your comment! It’s been a while, but on the wood plaques I used three different colors. Some are a green, some are tan, and some are a cream – although they all look the same in the photo. I added a different color (on the cream I used the tan, etc.) around the edges of the plaques and then I distressed them.

      For the yellow hutch (assuming it’s dark wood underneath like mine), I would suggest painting the hutch yellow and using a clear wax. I would sand the wood along the edges/details. This will allow the dark wood to shine through. I wouldn’t mess with the dark wax. It’s a little trickier, and much less forgiving on lighter colors like yellow. I really think you can achieve the look you want without it. I hope I helped. Good luck with your projects!!


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