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I’ve been spray painting for over a decade now. I’ve gone through a lot of cans of spray paint, and I am a little embarrassed to admit how many cans I have sitting in my basement right now. I may be (somewhat obsessed), but I’m grateful for whoever invented spray paint. It’s the easiest and most inexpensive way to repurpose something. I know chalk paint is really popular now, and I do love using chalk paint. However, I still can’t seem to put that spray can down. It’s wonderful for nap time. I can accomplish so much in that little window of my day where I am kid-free. It’s great for those of us who tire of keeping the same home decor colors. I wish I had documented my house just one year ago. It was filled with pops of (celery) green. I had green accents everywhere. Now, like everyone else, I’m finding myself loving more gray tones. I found the most beautiful color of spray paint. It’s Rust-oleum’s 7720 Sage.


When used, it almost becomes more a a grayish blue/green – I’m not sure “Sage” is an appropriate name. I LOVE it. As I was walking around my house today, I noticed I had this new color accenting rooms all over my house.

I use it on frames:


I use it on furniture:
(*And note on how I was able to easily distress the piece on the left with an electric sander.)


I use it on mirrors:


I use it on random items:


I even use it on my purse:


No, not really. Apparently I really am obsessed with this color…

It is amazing how beautiful your results with spray paint can be. Go grab a can of spray paint and reinvent something!

sara d.

p.s. I really wish I had documented these projects with before pics so you could see the transformation. I’ll do so in the future!


  1. I love spray paint too. Used it on outdoor latis work (lots of it). What would have taken a full day to do with a paint brush took about half an hour. FABULOUS!!!

  2. Hi. I would like to know if you need to sand or treat your items (photo frames in particular) before you spray paint? If not I will be going out to buy some tomorrow.

  3. Love your blog. I am totally going to try painting the faucets in one bathroom that now has gold. The spray painting is so cool, as well, and I have used that on quite a few items around the house over the years. Have not tried a whole piece of furniture except wicker chairs, so now will do over a 3 drawer chest. Just waiting for warm weather. Thank you for the inspiration.

  4. I thought I would love it too….but EVERYTHING I spray turns out terrible! Is there a special trick I am missing? I go slow…do a couple of light coats..but nope…it never turns out. I tried just a little plant table the other day…drips.. runs…awful…. I am using Rust-Oluem too… Any suggestions?

    • Hi Laura! I’m sorry you’re having trouble. I always tell people REALLY light coats and make sure you’re far enough away – maybe 8 inches from the piece you’re spraying? If it’s dripping, there’s too much paint – either from over spraying or spraying too close. I wish I could walk you through it in person!


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