Prep Work & Tips for Chalk Paint (Video Series)

Prep Work & Tips for Chalk Paint (Video Series)

Prep Work & Tips for Chalk Paint (Video Series)


Angela from Unexpected Elegance and I have teamed up and have created several video tutorials.  Our first series is on chalk paint.

To see our welcome (introduction) video click HERE and to see our mixing chalk paint video click HERE.

YouTube Prep Work for Chalk Paint

Today we’re sharing the third episode: Prep Work for Chalk Paint:



Why does YouTube always freeze the videos in the most unflattering spots?!

YouTube Tips For Using Chalk Paint

And the fourth episode: Tips for Using Chalk Paint:



Next week we’ll share how to use and apply wax to chalk paint.

Happy Friday!



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  1. I want to paint a gold mirror. Chalk paint gray color , so do I just use clear wax .
    Use a fine sanding paper to mark some detail. I was going to use your recipe.
    I am a little nervous , thanks for th he help. Mindee

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