Pumpkin Crafts

Here’s a roundup of some fun pumpkin crafts you can create and customize to match your own decor!

*Spray Painted Pumpkins

The spray painted pumpkins is an easy project, and you can see the tutorial HERE. I created this Kate Spade inspired pumpkins using spray paint, painters tape, and stickers.

*Use a faux pumpkin for this craft so you can enjoy it year after year!

They are the easiest pumpkins to make, and the result is a pumpkin you can enjoy every year!

*Tissue Paper Pumpkin

The tissue paper pumpkin is one of my personal favorites, and I keep adding to my collection. Once you get the hang of it, they are easy to make and the perfect way to customize a pumpkin to match your personal decor and style.

*Use a faux pumpkin for this craft so you can enjoy it year after year!

You can see the full tutorial for making your own tissue paper pumpkin HERE. I include a detailed video to make the crafting process go as smoothly as possible!

*Wrapping Paper Pumpkin

The wrapping paper pumpkin gives you more options since patterned wrapping paper is easier to find than tissue paper, but it is a little more difficult. Since the paper is thicker, you have to cut the paper into strips and wrap the pumpkin. You can see more on how to create your own wrapper paper pumpkin HERE.

*Use a faux pumpkin for this craft so you can enjoy it year after year!

*Succulent Pumpkin

For this project, you won’t carve into the pumpkin which helps this succulent pumpkin last awhile (mine lasted two months). You will need to mist the moss and succulents, and it makes a gorgeous centerpiece.

*You will need to use a real pumpkin for this craft.

Click HERE for the succulent pumpkin tutorial.

Go create something!

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