saying goodbye to the nursery

Lena turned two yesterday. She’s the youngest of our three, so there is a definite finality with this birthday. I’m excited for what’s next, but I also hate saying goodbye to her baby days.

So, this blog is devoted to saying goodbye to the last of my nurseries. But, it’s also a way to welcome in the new! We bought Lena her “big girl” bed, and I have a sneak peek of what’s to come.

But, first…

Here’s a picture of her nursery.


And I’m going to highlight a few of my favorite pieces:


This is my prized Annie doll from when I was young. Along with my beautiful Annie necklace and a picture of me and my sisters dressed in our Annie dresses (which my grandmother made). I made this shadow box with our first, but once I found out he was a boy, I packed it away. It came out when we found out we were have a girl – over five years later.


This is my classic (inexpensive but pretty) wall art. I painted all the frames white and added fabric I found on


This is Lena’s pretty lamp. No DIY here. I bought this cute little thing at HomeGoods.


These are the pillows on her rocker. I bought the furry one and made the patterned one.


One of the pretty Pottery Barn Kids dolls Gramma & Grandpa bought Lena for her first birthday.


This is the extra long cornice turned shelf. We saved it from being trashed. It belonged to Lena’s great-great grandmother. I added the pretty Pottery Barn Dolls and framed some of my dresses from when I was a little girl – all which were handmade by my grandmother.

changing table

And, here’s the changing table. Lots of diapers have been changed here in this pretty little corner. The picture is of my mom holding me when I was a baby and the little silhouettes were found at a thrift shop for $1. I painted the frames pink.

I’m not one to get too hung up on my “babies” growing up, but I have to admit this (final) goodbye to the nursery is a little tougher than I anticipated. But, before I get too emotional…

Look what we bought off Craig’s list:


It’s a beautiful, solid wood bedroom set for Lena. Now, I know it’s perfect just as it is. And, some of you will think I’m crazy for painting it. However, I’ve done the white wood thing for almost a decade, and I have a amazing vision for Lena’s room. So, I splurged and bought the “real” chalk paint. I bought Annie Sloan chalk paint, wax (clear and dark) and even the crazy expensive brush.

I painted the night stand and dresser/mirror Annie’s Paris Grey. I watched an online video on her website, and went for it.


Here’s the night stand after a couple coats of paint:


I added a layer of clear wax, and I followed with the dark wax. It’s VERY important to put the layer of clear wax on BEFORE the dark wax. That dark wax sticks. And there will be no forgiveness if you forget the clear layer.



I rubbed in the dark wax as much as I could.


I sanded the piece because I wanted the white to show through on the edges and details. However, after sleeping on it, I decided I wasn’t loving all the dark wax. So, I lightened the wax by using a mixture of the wax and paint.


Now, before you try this, I’m not sure if this is “Annie Sloan approved.” However, I did read you can mix the paint and wax. I’m just not sure if I did the steps right.


And here’s the final piece: copy

By the way, in the blogging world, houses can appear too perfect. I just want to show how Lena’s room appeared just a few minutes after I finished my photo shoot:


More to come on Lena’s room!
sara d.


  1. Thanks for the invite to see the nursery and that little watercolor I did… I’m so pleased that you’ve kept it for all your kids. Love the part about Lena quacking at it! John

    • It was special when you gave it to me eight years ago, and we’re still enjoying it. It will definitely find a place in Lena’s “big girl” room. Take care!


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