(the almost) no sew bed rail cover


Lena’s new (big girl) bedroom redo is coming very soon! However, one thing that has been holding me up with the post is her bed rail. It’s just so practical and not cute. So, rather than wait on her to not need it anymore (or go through the trouble of taking in off for the photo shoot), I decided to make it pretty!

But first, here’s a before and after picture:


Luckily I had a fabric remnant that was large enough for this project. Basically you just need a piece of fabric to wrap around the bed rail.

rail.3 copy

Since I remove bed rails pretty quickly from my kids, I decided to make the cover pretty but not spend much time on it since it’s so temporary. I ironed down the ends of the fabric, and I used starch to help keep them down.

rail.4 copy

Next, I started at the bottom of the bed rail and wrapped the fabric around the top.

Lena took an extra long nap today, which would normally be exciting. However, today I needed to get started on beautifying her bed rail. Poor girl woke up to me snapping the before pictures:

rail.1 copy

Once I had the fabric in place, I sewed three “x” stitches along the bottom – which is why this project is (almost) no sew. You could easily just use safety pins instead of the stitch. However, here’s where I placed my stitches.


And, there you have it! A pretty bed rail!

Disclaimer: I’m sure there’s a reason they use netting on these rails. And I’m sure this project makes these bed rails unfit for children. However, it makes them so much cuter. Luckily Lena doesn’t sleep against the bed rail, so I went for it!

More on Lena’s room coming soon!

sara d.


  1. Christine says

    Can you do consultation across state lines?? Oh the stress of picking paint color for furniture!! Your home is beautiful!


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