the big girl room redo

The nursery is gone. But I’ve had so much fun decorating Lena’s new room, that I’ve forgotten I was once mourning its loss.

Here’s Lena’s new room:


Unfortunately the furniture placement (the bed against the wall) is not exactly how I’d like it due to the fear of Lena rolling out of bed. However, it works for now. Also, if you’d like to see how I did the bed rail cover, you can check out my recent blog post here:

We found this bedroom set on Craigslist:



And although the white wood was pretty, my vision for it was even better. So, I painted it! You can see how I painted it in this blog post:

I used Annie Sloan’s “Provence” chalk paint for the bed:


And Annie Sloan’s “Paris Grey” for the nightstand and dresser:





The mirror above the dresser has cute frames for pictures. I also added a few great verses. You can find the prints at my shop on Etsy:

I used this bunting at her birthday party, and found a cute spot for it above her closet:


The frames from her nursery made a reappearance. I just updated a few of the fabric pieces with some remnants I bought off Etsy:


I’ve had this old paper doll set (from the 60’s?) since I was pretty young. I bought it at the local annual book fair in my hometown, and I’ve somehow managed to hang on to it through the years. I placed the dolls on a piece of oil cloth to keep with the retro vibe:


I’ll keep you updated with new additions and changes!

sara d.


    • sedavis17 says

      Make the leap! It’s great because there is absolutely no prep work needed, and it’s super easy. My only complaint is that is does get a little expensive. To do it right, you need to buy the paint, the wax and the (crazy expensive) wax brush. However, if you wash the wax brush in soap and water after each use, you can use it again and again. Also, I did attempt to wax without the brush, and it’s SO much easier/faster with the wax brush.

      My next challenge is going to be milk paint. I’ll keep you posted!

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