How to Transform a Recessed Light into a Chandelier

Recessed Light to Chandelier Pin

I had a recessed light that shines over our master bath tub.  The tub deserves more than a single, recessed light.  So I started talking to my (handy man) dad about how to transform the recessed light into a chandelier.

Spotlight to fixture Before  

Spotlight to fixture Before Pic

What could have been a very complicated job requiring an electrician was made much easier thanks to a recessed light converter kit.

Recessed Light Converter

Recessed light converter kit

This kit can be found on Amazon:

Before you begin, make sure the power is off.  Then, remove the plastic recessed lighting case and light bulb.

Converting a recessed light step one

Removing recessed lighting

Since we’re not electricians, I’m not going to give a tutorial for electrical work.  However, I will tell you it wasn’t hard, and the kit comes with detailed instructions and diagrams.

recessed light turned into chandelier

updating a recessed light  

And it helps if you have a handy man for a dad and an assistant dressed like Anna from Frozen…

converting recessed lights

The kit really does make converting a recessed light into a light fixture as easy as possible.  Now I have a pretty chandler hanging over my tub…

Changing a spotlight into a pendant

Spotlight to chandlier

We are planning to update our bathroom completely next year.  A few months ago, I put together my dream bathroom.  Want to see more?  Click HERE.  This chandler is a little different than than one I originally envisioned, but I found this on on clearance at Lowe’s and couldn’t turn it down!

sincerely, sara d.

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