Video Tutorial: Age Wood with Latex Paint

Video Tutorial: Age Wood with Latex Paint

Happy Friday!  It is time for another video tutorial.

Video Tutorial: Age Wood with Latex Paint

Today on Episode 9, we share how to achieve a weathered wood finish easily on new wood using paint.  This is a technique anyone can do – I promise!  Watch the video below to see the full tutorial and painting technique:

If you love the look of old wood but are creating something from new wood, this technique is for you!  It is fast and easy – so it is a win-win!  You basically stain the wood using paint.  I prefer to using a gray color with a beige undertone.

Watered Down Paint

Age wood with latex paint

What do you think?  Is this a painting technique you would like to try (or have done before)?

What other tutorials would you like for us to create?  We are always looking for ideas for new tutorials and would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions!


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