Wax Paper Transfer Video Tutorial

It’s Friday which means it’s video tutorial time! My friend Angela from Unexpected Elegance is sharing her most popular post ever: Wax Paper Transfer Tutorial.

Wax Paper Transfer Video Tutorial

You can view the video tutorial here:

It’s a great tutorial for making an art piece or plaque, adding images or lettering to furniture, and many other endless options!

Wax Paper Transfer Video Tutorial

Thanks to Angela for sharing this fun tutorial with us!  And if you want to see her original blog post for this tutorial, click HERE.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend.  Thanks so much to all of you who have served or are serving our country!


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  1. Rebecca McLaren says

    I am wanting to use this idea at a girls camp. Can i prep by having all of the images printed in advanced or does the ink need to be wet in order to transfer in time?

  2. Donna Loucks says

    great video and thank you for sharing . I could not get the Wax Paper to go through my printer . I tried spray adhesive on an 8×11 sheet of paper and temporarily attached the wax paper. It worked great.

  3. Amy Pricco says

    Hi Sara!

    Just wondering if after the image is transferred on wood, can it take a couple of coats of poly without smearing?

  4. Rise Aragon says

    I am having a difficult time. The transfer is easy and it works…but when I use on chalk painted furniture it smears (days later). What do I finish my projects with to avoid smearing. I tried wipe on poly. It smears. Likewise when I wax. Help!

  5. Christina says

    Hello! It is grate, but I can not understand the webpage adresses that she mentioned, where she gets the pictures from. Can you please write it to me? Thanks! 🙂

  6. Mona says

    Hi, what is the name of the software you would use to go in to flip your image as I couldn’t make it out….great crafter..thanks in advance..


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