Wiser Air Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat Install and Product Review

Wiser Air Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat Install and Product Review

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Wiser Air Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat Install and Product Review

I would love to have a smart home, so I was excited when I was invited to partner with Wiser Air on their smart thermostat.


With Wiser Air‘s smart thermostat, it is easy to take control and make wiser choices – from the palm of your hand!

The thermostat I had before was fine, but it wasn’t smart and had no where near the comfort and control that Wiser Air’s thermostat offered.


Installation was much easier than I expected. I always seem to mess something up along the way, but it was a smooth and simple installation and setup!

Before beginning, make sure you turn off the power supply.  I turned off the room I was working in as well as the air conditioner and furnace units.


I pulled off the old thermostat.


And took a photo to remember how to put back the wires on the new thermostat.


I removed the wires from the old system.


And took off the old mounting bracket.


I held up the new thermostat to see if I needed to do any work to the wall.  The Wiser Air smart thermostat comes with a mounting pate to help hide holes or unpainted walls, but I chose to paint my wall and forgo the mounting plate.


I painted the wall so my new system would look great.


Once the paint dried, I added the new system’s mounting bracket.


Looking back at my photo, I put the wires where they were supposed to go, and it was as simple as clicking the wires in place (verses screwing them in with a tiny screwdriver).


Once everything was set, I carefully set the thermostat on the bracket and turned on the breakers for the room, a/c and furnace units.


The touch screen walked me through all the set up, and I added the Wiser Air app to my phone.


Once everything was set up, I synced my phone and thermostat.


I absolutely love having a smart thermostat that is touch screen and fully customizable to my family’s needs.  Wiser Air’s Eco IQ™ self-learning finds the right temperature for you. Users don’t need to pick a number but just let the thermostat know if you are too hot or too cold. It optimizes comfort and savings based on user-interaction and other factors such as home thermal profile, humidity, outdoor weather, and system run times.


I have a full installation video here you can watch:

Wiser Air Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat’s Wiser Pulse is an ambient glow feature on the thermostat that lights up BLUE for cooling, YELLOW for heating and GREEN when Eco IQ™ is saving energy.  It is sleek, reliable, and intuitive.  The thermostat comes in two colors (black & white), and you can purchase it on Amazon.com, HomeDepot.com, the Microsoft Store, New Egg or BestBuy.com.


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