7 Different Subway Tile Patterns

7 Different Subway Tile Patterns

Subway tile is my favorite tile – for both its timeless look and versatility. Today I’m sharing 7 different subway tile patterns.

I explain the patterns individually below, but first watch this video which quickly shows the 7 different subway tile patterns:


  • Horizontal Stack

If you are new to tiling, this is the pattern for you! I love repetition in design, and the horizontal stack provides just that.


  • Horizontal Offset

This is probably the most popular layout used today in subway tile because it works so well.

I used this layout in our DIY kitchen remodel:

And our DIY laundry room remodel:


  • Vertical Stack

If you love repetition but want slight twist on the horizontal stack, try the vertical stack.


  • Vertical Offset

If you want a twist on the horizontal offset, take it vertical!


  • Straight Herringbone

This pattern adds a little fun to subway tile, and this is the pattern I used in the bathroom I’m currently remodeling.


  • Crosshatch

This pattern begins to create the illusions of squares, and it would work well with any decor.


  • Herringbone

If you’re ready for a pattern that is challenging and looks amazing, then herringbone is for you!

I used this pattern above my stove:

I’d love to know – what is your favorite subway tile pattern?  Are there any great patterns I missed?


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    • sincerely, sara d. says

      If you want the pattern to stand out more, than go with a contrasting grout. I prefer a medium gray with white tile. I would never go with a light grout on a floor – it will get dirty. Hope this helps!

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