Amy Howard One Step Paint Tutorial

Amy Howard at Home One Step Paint Tutorial
About a month ago, I bought a bench at an auction.

I bought it because I saw would it could be, and it had beautiful bones.  I knew I could fix the dark brown (cracked and peeling) faux leather cushion and the (chipping) finish.

EBTH close up

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I recently spent some time in Memphis with the Amy Howard team.  I was excited to use what I had learned while there, and I gave the bench a makeover with Amy Howard at Home One Step Paint.

One Step Paint by Amy Howard

One Step Paint eliminates the need for sanding, stripping and priming, and it has the chalky finish you know I love.   I cleaned my bench, and I was ready to paint!

Amy Howard at Home One Step Paint

One step paint is meant to be sheer, but you can add a second coat if you prefer complete coverage.  For my bench, I was looking for more of a washed look, so I painted only one coat of Atelier.

Amy Howard at Home One Step Paint on fabric

Although I eventually want to reupholster the bench seat (the faux leather is in bad condition), I decided to paint it as a temporary fix. I used the One Step Paint in Bauhaus Buff.  I stippled it on using a large round brush.

Painting Leather Amy Howard at Home One Step Paint

Since I wanted complete coverage, I added a second coat once the first coat was dry.  (I finished the seat by sealing it with antique wax, and the cushion was complete!)

Covering Paint brushes

In-between coats, it’s a good idea to cover your brushed to avoid drying them out.

Amy Howard at Home Gilding.

To bring out all the details, I added gold gild to areas of the bench.

Amy Howard at Home Sizing

Once my paint was dry, I brushed on size, a special adhesive for the gold leaf.  I brushed it on using long clean strokes.  I waited until it came to tack – meaning it was sticky.  I waited around 15 minutes for it to come to tack, but it does depend on how thick you paint on the sizing.

Amy Howard at Home Gilding Sheets

The gold leaf comes in book.  I cut my book in half so it was the right size for my piece, and I didn’t waste the leaf.

Amy Howard Gilding Sheets

Applying the gold leaf takes a little practice, but the more you do it, the easier it becomes!

Amy Howard at Home Gilding

Pull the tissue back and while holding onto the tissue and the gold, turn it toward your piece and hold the end with your left hand and lay down firmly.

Amy Howard Gold Gilding

While holding the tissues – in place – rub your fingers back and forth – burnishing it into the surface.

Amy Howard at Home Gilding Process

When you pull up, pull the tissue away.  (When laying multiple pieces, do not try to match lines.  Overlap for full coverage.)

Buffing Gilding

Take a rag, burnish it and clean it up really well.  Then, take steel wool and lightly rub in one direction.  This allows for some of the paint to show through.

Amy Howard at Home Waxes

Once the gilding process is done, you can begin the waxing process.  Although One Step paint doesn’t require sealing, I used light wax to give my piece some age.

Amy Howard at Home Light Antique Wax

I put my brush into the wax and off loaded it to get the wax even on my brush.

Amy Howard Light Antique Wax

Next,  I went over the entire piece and allowed it to dry for around 20-30 minutes.  Once dry, I did the same process with the dark wax.

Amy Howard Dark Antique Wax

The dark wax is what makes the piece look aged.  Place it where the piece would have gotten age and wear – the top of the piece, around the hardware (if it has any), legs, arms – anywhere your hands would go!

Amy Howard Dark Wax

Once the waxing process is complete, I used Dust of Ages powder.  This powder gets in the crevices and gives your piece an authentic old look.

Amy Howard Dust of Ages Powder

Amy Howard at Home Dust of Ages

I dipped my brush in the Dust of Ages and pounced it on – getting it in the crevices.

Amy Howard Dust of Ages

Using a clean rag, lightly buff to get the patina.

Final Light Buff

And my bench makeover was complete!

Amy Howard Paint Tutorial

I now have an elegant bench (that looks to be a fine antique!) at the end of my bed.

Amy Howard One Step Paint Tutorial

Amy Howard At Home One Step

You can find Amy Howard at Home One Step Paint at Ace Hardware and on their website by clicking HERE.


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  1. Tammara says

    Amazing! Love the way it looks, your tutorial an pictures regarding the step-by-step process is helpful. You just gave me an idea!

  2. Dolores says

    Great tutorial. I’ve read books about gilding, watched Martha Stewart do it, and have done it a number of times on small items. I always make a mess. I’m wanting to gild the crown of an armoire and have not had the stomach to do it. I’m taking heart here!!

  3. Diane says

    I love the gilding, i really want to get into that kind of thing…we have only just got Annie Sloan paint here in Portugal so i doubt very much that we will be seeing this opaque paint in my lifetime coming to Portugal….I usually use rub n buff to get a similar effect but again you cant buy it here so i have it shipped over from Canada. Its amazing what you can do with paint…the bench turned out perfect..I love it!

    • sincerely, sara d. says

      I have used rub n buff before, and it can provide really pretty results! It’s not as dramatic as the gold gild I used, but it’s great for adding a little extra to your piece. I love hearing where my readers are from, and thanks for your kind words about the bench. Good luck on all your projects!

  4. SONJA HANSEN says

    I had never heard of Amy Howard paints until I saw a display while waiting for my husband at Ace today. I was quite curios as I have some big furniture projects planned. I was excited to see your review/tutorial tonight. It was very helpful and I am excited to give it a try. Another plus, it is available locally so I don’t have to order it on line, pay shipping and wait. Thanks!

  5. Rachel says

    Good tutorial! One thing – I think you mean sheer and not opaque, as you would add 2 coats if you wanted something “more opaque” rather than “only one”. Full coverage = more opaque.


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