DIY Rag Bunting Tutorial


Easy DIY rag bunting

This DIY rag bunting tutorial is easy and inexpensive.  The bunting makes adorable decor for any nursery or kids space!

As I’ve mentioned before, my sisters are both pretty creative. My younger sister recently made a rag bunting for my niece’s room. It’s adorable and easy!

Here are the supplies you need:

(1) Gather up your fabric – my sister actually picked up old sheets at thrift stores and garage sales for her bunting. It was inexpensive, and the sheets are easy to tear.


Easy DIY rag bunting

(2) Next, you need to tear the fabric. You can cut notches at the top of the fabric – I would suggest 3-4 inches wide. The notches help get the tearing going.

(3) Once you have your fabric strips, cut them the length you prefer. I would keep them somewhat similar in length, but they do not need to be perfect.


Easy DIY rag bunting


Easy DIY rag bunting

(4) Start tying. Figure out how long of a bunting you want, and you just fill the rope up with your fabric ties. You can make it as full (or sparse) as you like.


Easy DIY rag bunting


Easy DIY rag bunting


Easy DIY rag bunting

(5) Enjoy! There you have it. An easy DIY rag bunting!

Be as creative as you like with patterns and colors.  These buntings also make adorable party decor!

sara d.

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  1. Erin says

    Where would you recommend hanging the bunting? Love the idea and it appears easy enough that I can do it. Thanks!


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