DIY Fabric Bulletin Board

Fabric covered cork board

I had a large wall in my bedroom above my desk, and I wanted to fill the space.  It needed to be something pretty but functioning,

Bedroom Office Area

I created a fabric corkboard.  Not only is it so pretty (I’ve had this fabric for years, but I never could decide what to do with it until now), but I can tack up reminders or photos.

Cork Board

I started with a really large cork board I found at Hobby Lobby.  (I used this same board for my travel chalkboard map.  Click HERE to see it!)

Gold Spray Paint

I spray painted the frame gold.

Cut around board

Next I layed out my fabric and placed the bulletin board on top.  I cut around the bulletin board.    Here’s an important tip for those of you who have messing cutting skills like me.  I left one of the (factory cut) sides and the store cut ends alone.  I only trimmed around the other two sides.

Adding fabric to corkboard

This way I had to sides that were really close to being perfectly straight.  It saved me a bunch of time later on.

Mod Podged Corkboad

I added mod podge to the entire board.

Tutorial for making fabric corkboard

Using the two straight sides I mentioned earlier, I lined them up with the frame and rubbed the fabric to get out the bubbles.

Fabric Bulletin Board

I made sure the fabric was pulled as close to the frame as possible.

Cutting fabric

Then I cut the other two sides using a razor.

Mini Office Area

And my (inexpensive) functioning artwork was complete!


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