Fall Decor – Painted Gourds & Leaves

We are hosting Thanksgiving for the first time this year.  Since I’m not great in the kitchen, I decided my table decor needed to be a pretty distraction from the food.  (Last week I shared my newly updated chalk painted dining room table.  To see more, click HERE.)

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I will paint (and love to paint!) anything.  I selected three pretty paint neutrals – a shiny gold, a matte cream and a brushed platinum.  And I went to work painting gourds and leaves.

Painted Leaves & gourds 4

I picked up beautiful leaves from my friend’s yard.  I know they are amazing as-is.  But two things:

  1. They won’t keep their vibrant color long.
  2. Yellow wasn’t part of my Thanksgiving decor vision.

painted leaves 1

 I found a bunch of gourds from Wal-mart pretty inexpensively.  My hope was to find some fake ones that I could continue to use year after year, but I struck out.

Painted gourds 1

I tend to stay away from the gourds with the bumps all over them.  They freak me out.

Painted Gourds 2

I gave the leaves and gourds a couple thin coats of paint (allowed them to dry in-between coats) and that was it!

Painted leaves & gourds 1

This really is an easy paint project!

Painted Gourds & leaves

Fall Table

Painted Gourds

Inexpensive Fall Centerpiece

I spent around $15 on my paint and gourds.  I added candles and candle stick holders I found at the dollar store (candlesticks were $1 each and candles were 2/$1), and I had a beautiful but really inexpensive centerpiece which cost me around $20!  

Happy Fall!

sincerely, sara d.


  1. katie says

    Really pretty! Did any of these explode? I heard pumpkins can explode from the gases if you spray paint them, so I’m trying to decide on real or fake ones.


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