Front Door Makeover

Front Door Makeover

Our home is considered “french chateau” in style, and I have never loved our front door.  It was originally red when we moved in over two years ago.  Although I would love to eventually replace the front door, painting is always a less expensive option.  I painted it a medium gray.

Front Door BEFORE

Grays are so hard because they can shine blue, so I decided you can never go wrong with black.

Never Fades Front Door Paint

Modern Masters sent me a jar of their never-fades front door paint, and I actually used it to paint one side of my front door (along with two doors in our garage).  I still have enough paint to paint one more door!

Painting Front Door

This paint makes it so easy.  All you have to do for prep is clean and tape off areas you don’t want to paint.

Sand Door

If you have some peeling paint, you’ll want to sand first and follow up with a cleaning.

Wipe Down Door

But if you don’t have any peeling or chipped paint, just clean your door and go for it!

Here’s the Amazon affiliate link for the Modern Masters Front Door Paint in Elegant:

My front door has a little bit of a faux wood grain texture, and the paint went on well and dried perfectly.

Landscaping makeover with Southern Living

My garage door has a smooth finish but had a sloppy layer of latex paint on it.  I wish I had sanded it down a little because the paint finish is a little uneven.  However, I have not seen an scratches in the paint which I had plenty of with the latex paint.

Garage Storage - AFTER

While I was painting doors, my daughter was also working on her own project. 🙂

Painting a cardboard house

What is your favorite front door color?  Do you prefer to play it safe like me or have fun like my daughter?


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