Inexpensive Artwork Ideas

Are you looking for creative but inexpensive ways to decorate your walls?  I have eight DIY ideas for you…

Inexpensive Art Ideas

Find an old frame, remove the glass, and Mod Podge photos inside the frame.  To see more on this easy art using Instagram photos, click HERE.


Find some old frames and fabric remnants, and you can have a gallery of artwork!  Click HERE to see more.


I love this idea from Better Homes and Gardens.  Cover canvases with fabric.


You can pick up wooden plaques from a craft store and Mod Podge photos on them for a photo gallery.  Click HERE to see more.


Do you have any pretty gift bags lying around?  Frame one like Angela from Unexpected Elegance!


If you have followed me for a while, you know I have an obsession with chalkboards.  I created this chalkboard from an old mirror.  To see more click HERE.  (And, don’t forget about using plates for artwork, too!)


Make artwork from a corkboard!  They’re inexpensive and large.  To see the tutorial for creating this piece from Unexpected Elegance, click HERE.


Create silhouettes of your family.  To see more, click HERE.

I hope these inexpensive art ideas help spur your creativity.  You can decorate your walls in fun ways, and it doesn’t have to be expensive!


Inexpensive Art to Decorate Your Walls


  1. Heather says

    I swear you’re reading my mind with your posts. Subway tile the other day, now inexpensive wall art. These are both things I have been googling lately. Thank you for doing the research for me!

  2. Linda Rosser says

    I have used beautiful old calendars for framed artwork but never thought about using gift bags..thanks so much ..great idea

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