Inexpensive Decorating Tips for Renters

Decorating Tips for Renters

We visited my sister last week, and I’m so glad I brought my camera with me.  Since they live a few hours away, I don’t see her house much.  However, I always love what I see when I visit!

Despite temporarily living in a rental, Heather makes the home theirs.  Inspired by all she has done, I came up with a list of five inexpensive decorating tips for renters – which actually apply to homeowners as well!

1. Decorate with plants.  

They are inexpensive, add life and color, and can easily be moved.

Budget decor

Adding greenery

Add plantsHanging Plant

Using plants for decor

Renter Decor Ideas

You can trim some plants and use the greenery in a vase for a pretty centerpiece.  (And those candlesticks were plain white, but my sister added washi tape to make the stripes!)


Also, Heather added concrete to her table top!  To see more, click HERE.

Washi tape candles

Inexpensive Decor Ideas

2. Add window treatments.  

This is an easy way to make your rental seem homier.  You can find inexpensive window treatments or make your own from bed sheets.

Decorating Tips for Renters*

Heather painted the black bands on these window treatments using fabric paint.

Painted Curtains

Window Treatments*

And she added ribbon to make these shades a little more exciting.

Window Treatments

Adding window treatments

3. Add lamps.  

Not only are they pretty, but lamps add extra light throughout your home – adding to the ambience.

DIY Lamp Shade

Ribbon accented lamp shade

Heather added ribbon trim to most of her lamp shades.

Decorating Ideas for Renters

Wall lamps are a great solution for renters.  They look permanents but are easily removed.

Wall Lamp

Outdoor Chandelier

Don’t forget about your outside space – if you have one.  My sister added garden lights and a free chandelier she updated with paint.

4. Hang temporary shelving.  

It’s a great way to display dishes, frames and fun accent pieces.

Temporary shelves for renters

I’m in love with these shelves.

Decorating as a renter

5. Decorate with gallery walls.

Hang pretty art, family photos, memorabilia – anything that makes the space yours.

Gallery wall

Inexpensive gallery wall

These frames were found at the dollar store and the botanicals from a book.

Gallery Walls

Photos, memorbilia, and children’s drawings.  

Kids artwork display

Think outside the traditional gallery wall.  Hang a rope with tacks and display artwork.

Tips for renters

Or use washi tape to hang a poster.

Decorating a rental

Washi Tape


Thanks so much to Heather for allowing me to hijack her beautiful home!


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