Kitchen Remodel | Week 1

Kitchen Remodel | Week 1

I am excited to begin sharing our kitchen remodeling journey with you!  Yesterday demo began, and the kitchen is officially gone.
Kitchen Remodel | Week 1

This entire remodel is happening thanks to The Home Depot.  A few months ago I participated in a project competition called Orange Tank at Haven Conference and was thrilled to win (read about that experience HERE)!

The main problem with our kitchen is the terrible layout.  It’s horrible for hosting, and someone is always bumping into each other.

Here’s one last shot of the kitchen before…

But quickly, let’s look at the evolution of this kitchen in the past four years.  Before the cabinets were gray and cream, they were green and cream.

I repainted them because I hated the wax sealer (you can see more on that HERE).  I also added the cabinet doors back on (but with glass).  The dust was too much for me.

When we first moved in, the kitchen was really dark:

The kitchen has come a LONG way, but paint can only do so much.  The appliances are old and the space was not working.

I prepped for demo Friday and am in shock how much stuff I had stuffed into those cabinets.

Those boxed are now living with us in our bedroom.

The night before demo, Steve and I were up late trying to have everything ready for demo.  We removed some cabinet doors, the dishwasher, garbage disposal, sink and faucet.

This amazing group of men came to our rescue Saturday morning to help us demolish the kitchen.

It was amazing how fast they were able to remove everything.

We attempted to save the granite but unfortunately broke most of it during removal.

Most of the cabinets were salvaged, and I kept our old hood and range backsplash.

We found a horrible surprise under the corner lazy suzan cabinet – a mouse nest.  I almost died.  Seriously.  This is what nightmares are made of…

I’m sorry.  It will probably be hard to get that image out of your head…

We had a friend who’s crazy knowledgeable with home remodeling help us out with the electrical work and other prep for the dry wall – which begins tomorrow!

I also played around with pendant lighting placement – what do you think?!

A special thanks to The Home Depot for the partnership on this kitchen.  It wouldn’t have happened without you!


Want to follow the kitchen remodel journey?  See what happens next: Week 2 – Dry Wall and Cabinets


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*This post is a sponsored post by The Home Depot. I take pride in reviewing only products that fit my brand and will be beneficial to my readers. And while this post is sponsored, all the opinions are my own.


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