Kitchen Remodel | Week 4

Kitchen Remodel | Week 4

We are on week four of our kitchen remodel, and more progress is happening!  Our floors were refinished this past week, and we are THRILLED with the result.  Here is the after:

Kitchen Remodel | Week 4

And here is the before:

Our floors were pretty orangish in color, and I always hated the way they looked.  They were also fairly cupped (we bought the house with them this way – there was obviously a moisture issue at some point).  I have been dreaming about the day we refinished them, so I am overjoyed to have gorgeous medium-brown, non-cupped floors!  I mentioned more details of the floors and the refinishing process, and you can read all about it here in Week 3’s update.

We had the floors stained in Jacobean and went with a matte finish.  I had the gloss finish in my old home, and it showed dust so badly.  I am hoping the matte does a better job concealing our dirt…

When the floors were refinished, the quarter round trim was removed and then later added back on.  As a result, the baseboards all needed repainting.  One thing led to another, and suddenly I was painting the entire dining room.  I loved the gray, but it did always seem dark in the room with only one window.  Also, I’m adding gray to our kitchen and didn’t want an all gray home…

My daughter loves to removed painters tape, so I put her to work over the weekend removing rolls and rolls of painters tape.

Now that the floors are done, we are so ready to put our home back in order and have some seating and a dining room table that is not in the garage.

This coming week we will be adding more cabinets and the appliances will be delivered!  I cannot tell you how excited I am to have appliances back!

More to come!


Want to follow the kitchen remodel journey?  See what happens next: Week 5 – Appliances and Farmhouse Sink Prep



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  1. What a delight. To have dreams coming true. To have a willing helper. To have everything looking new and clean. To finding patience to endure disorder in your house. To design a beautiful and functional space for your family. Great job.

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