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We recently remodeled our master bathroom, and I am so thankful for a working beautiful bathroom every time I walk into that space (click HERE for all the details on that remodel).

We bought our home knowing there was a pretty significant leak under the shower.  However, life happened, and it was not until three years later than we actually remodeled the bathroom and fixed the leak.

Our kitchen is next on our wish list, but it will be awhile before that remodel happens.

We made several cosmetic changes (see the details HERE), but it eventually will require a complete remodel.  The current design does not function well for us.  It is a tight squeeze to stand at the sink with the dishwasher open.  Our fridge is teeny tiny, but we would have to remove the cabinets (which includes a built-in oven) to get a larger fridge.

Since it took us three years to fix a leak, I figure I have plenty of dreaming time for the kitchen.  Here are some gorgeous kitchen images that have caught my eye…

I am currently on a blue and gold kick, so it’s no surprise that I love this kitchen.  The blue lower cabinets are unexpected by not too crazy.

Photo via Becki Owens | Heber House Project.

I love the look of open cabinets, but I’m not sure I’m up for the dust.  The subway tile with dark grout and that gold hardware against the gray cabinets is gorgeous.

Photo via Domino | Ali Cayne’s NYC Townhouse

I love the simplicity of the light fixtures and that kitchen faucet was love at first site for me.

Photo via Atlanta Homes Magazine.

I want my kitchen to be elegant and welcoming.  Maybe a beautiful kitchen will suddenly make me love cooking?  A girl can dream!

I’d love to know – what does your dream kitchen look like?


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  1. These are all gorgeous. We just finished our kitchen remodel and I know what you mean. I dreamed for a while too and now I have my dream. Couldn’t be better. Good luck with your planning.

  2. Your new bathroom is so beautiful and I love what you’ve done to update your kitchen. A question – what color(s) are in your countertops and what are they made of? They look so pretty with the new blue-gray lower cabinet paint color. You didn’t say you have replaced countertops but they look so much more expensive than before with the brown cabinets. Great job …

    • Thanks Pat! I appreciate the sweet words. The countertops were already here when we bought the house, so I don’t know specifics other then that they are granite. I hope you have a great rest of your weekend!

  3. This is exactly the way I want my kitchen to look. White on the top and blue on the bottom with subway tile. I’m leaning towards copper for the metal aspect. Maybe some open shelves? I agree on the dust thing.


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