Inexpensive Flower Pot Tips

I found a few inexpensive flower pot tips on Pinterest and decided to test them out…


The first was to use trash cans as pots. Here’s the pin I found:

The Spotted Lamb

You can read more about this project at The Spotted Lamb.

I wanted to give this trash can turned flower pot thing a try, so I found a $3 black round trash can at Dollar General.  It is not the most beautiful flower pot, but it is not bad for $3 (Don’t forget to drill a few holes in the bottom of your trash can turned flower pot for drainage)!


I filled the bottom of the “pot” with rocks and used another Pinterest tip.  To help with drainage and to fill space (so you don’t waste potting soil), use the flower containers:


I found this photo on Pinterest, but unfortunately it doesn’t link up to a specific blog post.


However, I think it’s from the blog It’s a Green Life.

The last tip I tried was diapers in hanging baskets.


Unfortunately the picture didn’t link up to anything – not even a blog.  However,  I decided to give it a try since I’ve accidentally washed a diaper or two (or lots) and know HOW MUCH water those things can hold.



Hopefully I will be watering my hanging baskets a lot less this summer!

If you want more helpful tips, read through the comments below.  Readers have left so many helpful tips in addition to these few I shared!


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  1. Joanne B. says

    what a great idea to put a disposable diaper in a pot! What will someone think of next! I came up with one of my own ideas- I didn’t want to fill a really large pot with soil (both not to use all that much soil and to keep it light) so I filled the bottom with those pesky packing peanuts! Just put the sort right on top of the peanuts. I think it adds to the pot’s drainage as well!

  2. Brenda says

    Thanks for posting these tips. I have tried the ‘flower container’ tip; it worked great. I will try the diaper tip this year (thanks be to my granddaughter!). Love your posts Sara D!

  3. Luanne Vaughan says

    My daughter sent me your tic-tac toe board idea. Love it!!! I have always painted ladybugs etc. on rocks so this was right down my alley!!! Love your creative mind!!!

  4. Cindi says

    Soak the diaper, then remove the filled crystals, mix with soil, seeds sprout faster, cuttings do much better and plants stay watered.

  5. Marcy says

    just wondering if a doggie diaper would work , do they have the crystals in them? Also, thanks for the great tip. I can not wait to put a diaper in my coconut basket. I avoided them because they dry out so fast. Now I’m excited to use them again.

  6. Ronda Cromwell says

    I also use old plastic milk jugs with the lids left on, coffee cans with the lids on, ice cream buckets with the lids on to fill up the space in large flower pots! It works great for drainage & takes much less potting soil 🙂 leaving the pots light for moving 🙂

  7. Laura Coates says

    I use the empty 16 oz water bottles with the lids on at the bottom of my pots to fill them half way up.

  8. Mary says

    Packing peanuts will dissolve into mush and disappear if they get wet. I use sturdy empty plastic jugs. Stand them, not on their sides where the weight of soil will crush them.

  9. Donielle Lacey says

    Cat owners, you can re purpose those plastic kitty litter containers as planters, just like the dollar store trash cans! I’ve been saving them through the winter and will use them to plant veggies this year.

  10. Sherrie says

    Make sure you take the moisture blocking liner, in the inside of the diaper off before placing it in the pot (it prevents the water coming back onto the skin of the diaperit. It will hold water, but it will be inaccessible to the plant roots.

  11. Angie says

    Hi I used to buy water pellets for my window boxes, they were extremely expensive but a little went a long way. I would pour some in a bucket and add water and it was like cooking rice! I,t would over flow the bucket if I added too much water, is this what the diaper does too??? Appreciate your answer asap because today I had to stop planting I forgot last year I used the last of the water pellets and now I can’t find them anywhere. I can find diapers though if this is the same thing. TY!

    • Sue Boyd says

      I had used the moisture crystals for years and then they were gone. I tried to find them for a couple of years but gave up. Last year I found them on Amazon. made by Miracle grow. The one box I had for years wasn’t a brand name tho. Expensive but lasts for years and saves on water.


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