Transformation Tuesday: Boys’ Bathroom

I have enjoyed sharing our room transformations with you every Tuesday.  We have lived in our current home for almost three years, and it is fun to look at the before and after photos!

Today, I’m sharing my boys’ bathroom.  This makeover really will show you the power of paint.  Here is how the bathroom looked when we moved into our home:

Transformation Tuesday: Boys' Bathroom

And here is how it looks now (well, on the few rare occasions when the bathroom is actually clean):

Boys Bathroom Makeover (1 of 1)

Boys Bathroom - AFTER

Boys Bathroom - AFTER 7

Boys Bathroom - AFTER 2

Here is how the bathroom space was transformed:

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  • PAINTED THE WALLS.  Valspar’s Notre Dame was used for the walls and Valspar’s Comet Dust was used for the stripes.  To see the full tutorial for the “ticking striped wall,” click HERE.
  • PAINTED THE CABINETS AND REPLACED THE HARDWARE.  Shortcuts were used for painting these cabinets.  To see which shortcuts worked (and didn’t work) click HERE.
  • PAINTED THE FAUCETS.  Painting the faucets is a great temporary fix.  I have had these painted for a couple years, but I am considering replacing them now.  To see the full tutorial on painting a faucet, click HERE.
  • REPLACED THE DOOR HARDWARE.   All of our door handles throughout the home were replaced inexpensively by buying them through Amazon.
  • REPLACED THE MIRROR.  The mirror that came with our master bedroom dresser was painted and hung to replace the frameless mirror that was in the boys’ bathroom.

I love creating design boards, and I created one that inspired this bathroom makeover.  You can see it HERE.  This room actually was one of the winners in the very first blogging contest I ever participated in.  To see all the details, go HERE.

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